MBX Vinyl Erazer

Remove Baked-On Vinyl and Reflective From Vehicles With Ease

...with the new MBX Vinyl Zapper

If you’ve ever had to battle endlessly with baked-on vinyl and reflective then you will know the pain of preparing a vehicle with old signage for new signage (or for sale).

Chances are, you don’t even take on these jobs any more.

...which would mean you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table because now you have a secret weapon! The new MBX Vinyl Zapper attacks these jobs with vigour, rendering old signage to dust in minutes - anyone who has seen a demo will vouch for that. I didn’t fully believe it myself until I fired up the MBX for the first time and witnessed it’s hunger for old vinyl and reflective.

The MBX uses a special notched wheel made with a unique rubber compound that eats old vinyl and doesn’t do a single bit of harm to the underlying vehicle (provided it is 2-pack paint over a metal panel, or colorbond). The MBX itself is like a geared down angle grinder. It has much higher torque and spins at a slower speed so as not to mar the underlying paintwork. This is a German-engineered piece of equipment that comes in a sturdy aluminium chequer-plate case, it is designed to last.

So while your competitors are quoting jobs based on hours of mind-numbingly boring labour, you can be quoting the same price and doing the job in a fraction of the time using your secret weapon - the MBX Vinyl Zapper. It seems like money for jam, but you deserve to be compensated for stepping out of the herd and investing in specialist equipment for your sign business - it’s the smart way to operate.

*** Hire - Try - Buy ***

with our more than generous 90 day hire-refund offer!

This is the offer - hire the MBX as and when you need it. Satisfy yourself that it does what it promises (removes old vinyl from vehicles in a fraction of the time) and that you can rake in decent profits from taking on vinyl removal jobs and doing them in a fraction of the normally quoted time.

When you are satisfied that the MBX Vinyl Zapper is a profitable investment, purchase the tool for $699+gst and we will refund any hire costs for the previous 90 days in full (up to $699+gst). Of course, you get a brand new machine, straight out of the box with no hours of use on it.

Hire rates are $39+gst per day (out 10:00am, back by 9:30am next day), or $32 per day for 5 or more days. Wheels cost $39+gst each, which you then own. In case you haven’t figured it out, you could hire a machine for 18 days then virtually get a brand new, unused machine for free at the end of it.

So what are you waiting for (your competitors to catch up?) Start taking on those vinyl removal jobs and profit with no risk and no commitment!

Hire Now!

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